Aspasia – Self-learning course for domestic care workers

ASPASIA is a self-learning training course for caregivers of elderly people. It is ICT based: it means that it uses technological tools to provide training contents and to asses their comprehension.

This characteristic allows participants to acquire the basic knowledge they need to assist elderly people in a flexible way, overcoming problems such as the conciliation of work time and study time or the distance of students from the venue in which learning can be provided (for instance, for students living in rural areas).

Learning contents are provided through an e-learning platform through which are available: didactic units, assessment tests, exercises, videos, remote assistance. The same contents can be delivered also on DVD, for those users that have no internet access available.

The course is made of 20 didactic units concerning:

The professional profile and the social context
- What is a paid caregiver
- The social service system*
Internet and the use of PC (basic)
- The PC
- Main programs (Word, Excel)
- Internet and E-mail
Elderly Health
- The main diseases of elderly people
- Focus on Alzheimer
Helping with moving
The personal hygiene of the elderly
Helping with nutrition
- The hygiene of food
- Nutrition for elderly people
The cleaning of the house
Managing an emergency
Relation and communication
- Notions of communication for the caregiver
- How to communicate with the elderly
• Legislation*
• Rights and duties of the caregiver*
• Orientation to self –employment

Please note: didactic units indicated with * are country – related, therefore they should be adapted to the local context to be used

Didactic units include videos and slide shows in Flash.

The audio is currently in Italian but text translations are available in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Polish. Videos can be subtitled in the same languages too.
Each didactic unit has its own tests written exercises (for an overall of 19 tests and 26 exercises).

The overall duration of the self-learning course is esteemed in 86 hours.

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